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Acacia Mining (formerly: African Barrick Gold plc) is a gold mining business operating in three mines in northwest Tanzania: Bulyanhulu, Buzwagi, and North Mara. They are exploring another several exploration projects in Kenya and Burkina Faso. Acacia Mining is headquartered in the United Kingdom. 

Acacia states that it strives to ensure that the operation of the mines does not cause or contribute to any negative impacts on neighboring communities. In order to enable community members to raise concerns about possible negative impacts from the operation of the mines and allow Acacia the opportunity to address those concerns, each of Acacia’s mines operates a Grievance Mechanism.

Who can access it?

The grievance mechanisms are freely available at each of Acacia’s mine sites and offices to  individuals who may be adversely impacted by the mine’s operations. In certain cases, the complainant and the mine may choose to involve a civil society organization in the grievance process.

How does it work?

To lodge a grievance, the complainant may contact Acacia, or a specific mining site’s Grievance Office. Grievances can be submitted in person, by email to, or by letter to the relevant address in Bulyanhulu, Buzwagi, North Mara, or Dar es Salaam (see contact details below).

Complainants are welcome to seek assistance from anyone when accessing the Grievance Mechanism, and are especially encouraged to do so where human rights claims are involved. For complainants that need financial assistance to access the grievance mechanism, vouchers are available from each of the mines that can be redeemed by a lawyer of the complainant’s own choosing. When a grievance is lodged, the following steps will be followed:

  • A Grievance Officer will register the grievance and begin a dialogue with the complainant to gather information about the grievance.
  • The Grievance Officer will analyze the information and contact the complainant within thirty days to respond to the grievance or to inform him/her that the Grievance Office needs more time to conduct further enquires.
  • If the grievance involves potentially serious human rights claims, the site’s Legal Department will ensure those claims are formally and fully investigated.
  • After further enquiries are made and the site’s Grievance Management Committee has been consulted, the Grievance Officer will contact the complainant again to discuss proposals for resolving the grievance.


If the complainant and the mine are able to reach an agreement, the resolution of the grievance will be memorialized in a Grievance Resolution Agreement.

A retired high court judge will be available to explain the terms of any Grievance Resolution Agreement to the complainant before he/she signs it. Acacia Mining has published an excerpt from an NMGML Example Grievance Resolution Agreement which contains example provisions on the issues of legal waiver and confidentiality. 


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Contact Details 

Grievance Officers are located within each of the Community Relations Offices at each of Acacia’s mines and in the office in Dar es Salaam. A complainant can make a grievance either in person, by sending an e-mail to, or by writing a letter to the relevant address:

  • Bulyanhulu Grievance Officer, Bulyanhulu Mine, P.O. Box 891, Kahama, Shinyanga, Tanzania
  • Buzwagi Grievance Officer, Buzwagi Mine, P.O. Box 1081, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • North Mara Grievance Officer, North Mara Gold Mine, P.O. Box 422, Tarime, Tanzania
  • Dar es Salaam Grievance Officer, African Barrick Gold, P.O. Box 1081, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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